Treasure Room: Lost and Found in the UK

What We Do?

Lost and Found in the UK

In February 2018, the laws for lost and found were changed in the UK. The new laws only permit the police across the UK to only hold lost items which are above £500 and identifiable to someone. Due to this, Treasure Room focuses on being a lost and found platform for all lost items regardless of their worth or kind.

We care for the public

It is crucially important for the public in the UK to have free access to a lost and found platform. Treasure Room is free for everyone and focuses on being the only and the simplest lost and found dedicated platform.


Given the rate of scam artists is concerning, Treasure Room focuses on being extremely secure. This means all individuals who have found a lost item will only be contacted when a potential owner is found and we do not require any irrelevant personal details from individuals.

Why Choose Us?

Why we are different than other websites

  • Of course, there are other websites which allow individuals to search for lost and found items in their search sections, but there is no other website than Treasure Room which focuses on only lost & found platform.

  • Most of the websites based on search engines are full of advertisements and we know it is infuriating. Treasure Room does not promote any advertisements as our only focus is to serve the community with simplicity.

  • As we know some ads based websites will show your personal details to other users, we have made sure that no personal information will be on display.

  • To help protect the public, we have implemented an authentication system which allows Treasure Room to notify users only when potential owners of a lost item have been found.


The website is meant to be used by all individuals to find all kind of items. It is simple and focuses on being the most friendly lost and found platform in the UK while providing exceptional security.

Aryan Dang